Sunday, April 11, 2010

What are "data commentaries"?

Data commentaries are some kinds of nonverbal information for the research paper. Table,graph and figure are the example of commentaries. There are some elements which were given in this article. The following elements are location elements, summary statements, highlighting statements, discussions of implications, problems,exceptions (Sweale & Feak, 1994, pg80)

In order to write a good commentaries, it's important to use proper words and phrases.

 For writing a thesis paper in graduate school, it's quite difficult to find out if the word is appropriate or not. I've learned we should not simply repeat the details on the table or graphs. If we try to cover all the information, it may cause some unjustified conclusions.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Response to Anderson,T.&Kanuka,H(2003)

This article was pretty helpful to me. It shows the importance of using literature review. "This chapter provides useful tips, hints and suggestions for maximizing the effectiveness of literature review proess."(Andersong,T&Kanuka,H,2003,pg54)

Uusually When I tried to find something what i wanted on the net, it didn't work out right for me. So most of the time I ended up asking my friends or use other tools to find out some information. But after reading this article, I was able to learn little bit about effective ways of searching.

"Obviously the more current the document the better, but old pages, like old wine, often have historical, if not legacy value!"(Anderson,T&Kanuka,H,2003,pg42)For me, this sentence means even though the newest documents or writing is better, all of information you get is important and valuable for your research paper. Once I get to know how to research, I will be ensure with five elements that are accessibility, timeliness, readability, relevance, and authority.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Thesis Topic and A response about sample of APA Style

This is my first semester, so I didn't know what will be my thesis topic and I totally had no idea about it. So I decided to search on the internet and got some ideas for it. “How a Teacher can make the Difference”(Donald R.Bacon,1999), not only for the classroom but also for a each student. I believe teacher also can be a student. It means we can learn many things from our students and from our past experiences of teaching. The reason I decided to write about this topic, I remembered having some students and their behaviors were all differed and because of this I had to try many ways to guide them in right way.

Even though I did what I thought it was the right way, I wasn't sure if it was the right way. I tried many different ways of guiding for them and finally when I saw some changes on their attitudes or abilities, I was able to assume I took the right way. Before I try to guide or discipline them, the first thing I have to do is understanding them through communication and observation. Because even though you might think two of your students are having similar problems, they might get influenced differently when you try exactly same thing to them.

Now, when I looked at the sample of APA style, I thought that I will be able to do it. But when I really did it, it didn't look the same as sample. I need more time to work on this and I will get better for sure.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swale's Article

Since I finished reading this article about Academic writing, I realized I wasn't writing in a proper way.
It's important to know audience's expectations and prior knowledge.(Swale,pg7)
It will be helpful for audience to understand academic papers.

Also there are few patterns of writing in your academic papers.
In addition, there are apporopriate words and phrases for academic writing.

Actually I wished to see some of the answers for our tasks which were given on this paper.
Because I wasn't sure about my answers for some of taks and some of words here were little confusing to me.

However, It's very difficult to write a formal writing as I am not a native English speaker.
But, I believe I'll get better each time if i keep practice my writing and get some feedback from my classmates or professors.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Interesting Topics In TESOL-MALL

There are many interesting topics in TESOL-MALL program. I'm interested in Testing in English Teaching course and Curriculum & Materials Development. Those courses will be very helpful for me in order to teach when I'm not teaching books. Also I'm interested in Whole Language and writing for Academic Purposes Courses. Even though I don't know what Whole Language is at the moment, I will figure it out.
The reason I'm interested in writing course is I'd love to improve my writing skills so it will be more effective to the students.

In addition, I've taught alot of listening and speaking parts for last past few years. Because of that, Seminar in Teaching Listening & Speaking sounds good to me. Also while I was teaching, I had to have a debate with my students and helped them to speak up their opinion. I'd like to learn how to make a better debate or discussion in class. So because of all of these reasons, I'm looking forward to study here at TESOL-MALL.

Plagiarism Thoughts

After I read the article for the first time, I wasn't able to think what to write on my blog at all.
So I decided to read again. There were some parts that I don't agree with what have been written on the paper. But somehow I learned my lesson through this article also.

What I understood from this article was plagiarism,using another persons' words, ideas without asking for a permission or getting a permission from him/her.

Before I read this article, I thought it will be alright to paraphrases so it could only be my own words. I didn't really think it will cause any problem.
Because if you don't really have experiences with writing, then it will be much hard for you to write on something. You might get an idea from other people when you discuss with someone or when you read their writing. It will help you to build up for the outline of your writing.

But I realized that when you paraphrases statements, you have to be careful with the words that you choose. Otherwise it will cause totally different writing.However, I think it won't be a problem to plagiarize at least you put some quotation marks with the source that you have been used. But the best thing to do is use your own words or paraphrase after reading other peoples' paper.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Academic Writing Course

So...This is my first assignment for my Academic Writing Course in TESOLMALL, WooSong Graduate School. I'm not really familiar with using computer or making blogs but i will try my best.